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Facilities Miramare Inn Hotel 3 stars Fano Italy


Sometimes when you are on holiday, you may have forgotten just that little thing and perhaps you, need someone to buy it for you. Enzo, our chauffeur, will help you. Above the pick-up service he does, he will help our guests in their little problems, if necessary.

Air conditioning

In the dining-room as well as in the bedrooms.


Our animation will give life and soul to your holidays. Further more mums and dads can relax themselves because our team-leader will take care of their children in the so called “mini-club”.
At night the parties we give are for children as well as for adults. When music of the eighties is on, people start dancing and not only the young ones. The problems for elderly people will come up the day after…!


At the sea people start to go by bicycle. It may be because of the promenade, the iodine in the air
or perhaps for fitness, but the bicycle becomes very trendy here. Good! Jour guests can borrow bikes from us and this service is free.

Access to the  Internet

Just one thing: you bring your laptop and I ‘ll give you the password to surf the Internet.

Babies facilities

We have a room with all the necessay for the babies: microwaves, fridge, baby’ chair ect. Ect.

Sand castles

In our beach services (wich are included in the price) you can find also a baby park with a slide, a seesaw, a swing and so on. Children can build up beautyful castles with our marvelous sand and last but not least the sea here is really nice and clean, in fact it has the european symbol of the Blue Flag.


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We are particulary and especially grateful to your courtesy, your friendliness, your patient and... (Mattia and Alessandra Cellana)

Highly recommended! The hotel is refined, perfect for the families or couples ... (Family Scudieri)

Hallo everybody, this is Marco. I just wanted to say thank you to you for the kindness you have had during the whole stay. We have been very well in your hotel.

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